Public Policies Course

Today, we count on limited channels of dialogue and collaboration between governments and civil society, limited access to decision-making processes and the execution of public investments, in addition to an increasing loss in the credibility of political representation and elected agents. In the specific case of the fluminense population, once again, this is even more true the more distant from the central areas of the capital, though this applies to the entire state.

To face this challenge, Casa annually carries out a Public Policies course. Its objective is to generate the capacity in diverse civil society actors to engage with public policy debates, including proposing new policies and monitoring current ones in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. The course is aimed at civic and community leaders, activists, journalists, young academics and other actors from the whole metropolitan city seeking maximum diversity of profiles in the group of participants.

The course is a key opportunity for participants to interact among themselves and a chance for Casa to strengthen its network. The course aims to encourage a collaborative atmosphere among its participants and to provide a safe space in which they can voice questions, opinions and ideas, thereby also learning from each other. The course is a strategic activity for Casa to strengthen knowledge exchanges inside its network and beyond.

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