Monitoring Panel of the Municipal Management

Does your municipality seek to conform to the Access to Information Law? Is it committed to a Target Plan? Did it update its Master Plan? Did it deliver its urban mobility, basic sanitation, and solid waste plans? Does it participate in any consortium with other municipalities? These and other questions are being responded to with the first edition of the Monitoring Panel: instruments of the Municipal Management of Metropolitan Rio de Janeiro, which Casa Fluminense releases, with the support of its network of partners. Our purpose is to qualify the public policies carried out in the 21 municipalities and in the metropolitan region as a whole, in order to make it less unequal, more democratic, and more sustainable. We incentivate transparency and participation as ways forward, and we promote a culture of monitoring and advocacy for the whole of Rio.

In this publication, we indicate the deliveries of management instruments made by the municipal governments, until the conclusion of the last term. Therefore, only those processes concluded by the end of last year, in accordance with official sources consulted via the Access to Information Law, are accounted for. Plans that are in the process of being drafted, once finalized, will appear in the next editions of the Panel, which aims to periodically expand and update itself.

Our analysis is not restricted to checking the existence of these instruments. The interactive document presents explanatory content, external links, and contextualization of each of the seven indicators. It provides information like: 1) the legislation that regulates it; 2) the origin of the data; 3) a brief analytic-qualitative debate, revealing challenges and opportunities in the different themes. At the end of each page, civil society initiatives are presented, which can help in making these instruments of better quality, in order to improve the planning and municipal management in the coming years.

The choice of indicators to be monitored was based on the content elaborated collectively by Casa’s network members in the 2017 Agenda Rio. From topics like ‘The Integrated Metropolis’ to ‘Citizen Coexistence’, the Monitoring Panel seeks to evaluate concrete policy-based commitments to these causes. Therefore, it aims to stimulate the public authorities and civil society, to promote citizenship and the universalization of rights, by way of the guarantee of basic precepts of a republican government: open governments, planning and public control.

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